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Revolutionary Technology
Since becoming the first of its kind on the market to make trading intuitive by allowing the trader to place orders by clicking directly on the chart, VT Trader has stayed ahead of the pack to earn a reputation among its users as an indispensable trading tool that combines an intuitive interface with a wealth of sophisticated options.

A Personalized Trading Experience
VT Trader offers the flexibility you need to successfully implement your trading strategy. Multiple levels of customizability provide the perfect fit for your trading needs, whether you enjoy the convenience of placing and monitoring your trades directly on the chart or wish to customize every detail of what you see.

Robust Technical Analysis

VT Trader offers dozens of preprogrammed indicators to aid your technical analysis, ranging from Bollinger Bands to Fibonacci fans. Because most technicians use several indicators simultaneously, we’ve made it easy to add and subtract them from the chart.  

Custom Indicator Creation
Other trading platforms make you wait until a new version of the software is released, only to find that the indicator you need has been left out yet again. VT Trader offers the easy-to-use VT Autopilot indicator builder, which gives you total control over your technical toolkit.

FX Autopilot – Automated Trading Strategy Implementation
Take advantage of FX Autopilot to free yourself from having to spend hours by your computer, waiting for a market move that may not take place. Instead, let VT Trader monitor the market and execute orders based on your instructions, allowing you to focus on your overall strategy and reclaim your free time.

While other Forex trading platforms may be strong in one particular area, VT Trader provides advanced features in many different areas, making it a great choice for Forex traders at any level of experience.

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